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Founded in 1979 by Evelyn M. Frye, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and graduate of George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, the Center has been a leader in developing and delivering a variety of clinical healthcare and business consulting services to Nashville and Middle Tennessee for more than 30 years. Under Dr. Frye's direction, the Center quickly evolved into a group practice model, which today serves a diverse mix of clients through a multidisciplinary staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, professional counselors, and family counselors.


The Evelyn Frye center is committed to providing the highest quality service to you as we support your decision to improve the quality of your life. We understand the benefits of medical, spiritual, educational and psychosocial interventions.

Our services are provided with respect for diversity, religion, gender, age, and sexual orientation. Our clinicians abide by the code of ethics of their respective professions and by the laws of the State of Tennessee and those of the United States of America.

Services Overview

Over the past several years, the Center has experienced rapid growth, expanding services to provide a wider variety of clinical and consulting offerings, including:

  • Evaluation and treatment services for children, adolescents and adults
  • Specialized individual and group psychotherapy programs for persons suffering from co-dependency, chemical, sexual, and/or other addictions
  • Day and evening outpatient psychotherapy groups
  • Day and evening psycho-educational classes

Services for Business and industry

The Center has developed a comprehensive slate of services to meet the needs of area businesses, including Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), executive coaching, specialized training for key employees, critical incident debriefing (CID), management consulting, seminars and case management to support employee benefits administration.

Forensic Services

The Center offers a full range of legal and forensic services for both criminal and civil cases, including psychological evaluation, expert testimony, and consulting.

Referral Relationships

The Center enjoys a strong relationship with the medical community and has developed a large network of referring physicians, internists, gynecologists, pediatricians and geriatricians.

Comprehensive Behavioral Services for Individuals & Businesses

The Evelyn Frye Center provides a full range of psychological and consulting services to individual and corporate clients throughout Middle Tennessee. The Center's highly qualified professionals, including psychologists, clinical social workers, chemical dependency counselors, psychiatrists, and family counselors, work together to meet each client's behavioral health needs with sensitivity and efficiency. The Center has provided excellent psychological services to clients throughout Nashville and in surrounding communities for more than 30 years.

Approach to Service

The Evelyn Frye Center is dedicated to the principle that behavioral health services are only as good as the professionals who deliver them. In addition, these services must be carefully integrated to create the unique blend of psychological and medical services each client requires. To accomplish these goals, the Center seeks out highly qualified behavioral health providers with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, professional interests and training, and fosters an environment that allows them to work collaboratively to ensure that:

  • Clients needs are assessed quickly and accurately, and an appropriate treatment plan is developed.
  • Service is delivered by the appropriate professional(s) in a sensitive, compassionate and effective manner.
  • Clinicians stay abreast of current behavioral developments and techniques through continuing education and professional development programs.

Access to Services

The Evelyn Frye Center makes counseling and therapy accessible by:

  • Delivering a diversity of services, including individual, marital, family and group therapy, classes, and workshops that address specific behavioral issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Developing and managing relationships with major insurance and managed care companies.
  • Providing consulting services to area businesses to support Employee Assistance Programs, human resources, organizational development, critical incident debriefing, training and workers compensation programs.


The Evelyn Frye Center has provided a broad range of behavioral health services to patients throughout the Middle Tennessee area for more than 30 years.

  • The Center's clinical staff includes psychologists, clinical social workers, chemical dependency counselors and family counselors.
  • Clinical staff offer a total of 210 years of collective practice experience.
  • The Center's staff work collaboratively to ensure that each client receives the right mix of treatment and therapy from staff with the appropriate expertise.
  • The Center currently serves more than 7,500 employees of businesses and industries in Middle Tennessee through Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Outpatient group therapy sessions are available for individuals and couples with issues ranging from stress and addictive disorders to relationship problems.
  • Seminars on more than 20 topics are available for workshops, training events and business retreats.


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